About Me

I am a Danish nature and travel photographer. I specialize in the nordic countries and arctic regions. It is mainly a love of extreme nature and remote places that inspires and attracts me.

You can purchase individual photos on my website, but unlike most stock photographers I mainly sell my shots before I take them; For each upcoming trip I offer a cheap Royalty-Free license for all photos taken on the entire trip.

A Royalty-Free license lets you use my photos in any advertising material (print or online), in unlimited numbers and without expiration.

Each collection usually contains 50-100 selected and varied photos – perfect for marketing and branding your service or company. My photos are often used to express environmental conscience or to illustrate travel destinations. They are used by tour operators, food companies, environmental organizations and a variety of other companies and organisations.

The price is usually as low as $150 for a full trip-collection (when signing up beforehand) or $250 if purchased on my website. Either way, I believe that’s a very unique offer! Older collections are usually truncated and available for a discounted price through my website.

The idea of this businessapproach is to allow you – the customer – to get access to high quality stock photos at much more reasonable prices than anywhere else. At the same time it gives you opportunity for influence on my destinations and subjects. From my perspective it allows me to build a vast and in depth stock photography archive covering many unique destinations.

Contact me if you are interested in learning about upcoming trips and opportunities.

Anders Peter